“How Would You Like To Get Your Hands On A Breakthrough Tool That Will Instantly Make You MORE Focused, MORE Organized & MORE Productive… So That You’re Guaranteed To Get The Most Out Of Life Each And Every Day?”

Read On To Discover How This Brand-New, Innovative Software Tool Will Help You Achieve All Of Your Goals, Maximize Your Productivity, Boost Your Health, Eradicate Your Bad Habits And Improve Your Life, STARTING TODAY!

Dear Friend, do you ….

Feel Overwhelmed?

By the amount of tasks you need to do and the limited time you have to do them each day?

Want to be More organized

Could you benefit from being more organized and focused on the tasks at hand?

Spend too much on self-help products?

Have you spent money on self-help and life management products in the past, only to fall right back into your old habits as soon as you return home?!

Need more life balance

Would you like to create balance and order, not just between your work and life, but across your whole life?

Feel Stressed out?

Do you feel stressed-out and under pressure due to the constant demands on your time?

Want to Lose weight

Would you like to lose weight, break some bad habits, or create some good ones?

If You Answered “YES!” to ANY of Those Questions, Then Believe Me When I Say, You NEED To Keep Reading!

And that’s because in the next few minutes, you’re going to discover the #1 tool for managing your time – and your life – more effectively, so that you can make the most out of each and every day…

You’re going to be shown how to…

  • Increase your productivity and efficiency at work, giving you MORE TIME to invest in the things you love…

  • Achieve your goals quickly and easily, whether it’s losing weight, gaining that promotion, earning more money, eradicating bad habits, or creating good ones…

  • Enjoy a healthier work-life balance, and indeed, whole life balance…

  • Organize your life more effectively, so that you spend time on things that matter to YOU, not to someone else…

  • Work SMARTER not harder, in order to achieve your goals and get things done!

  • Get the most out of today, tomorrow and beyond…

  • Manage your workload and your responsibilities with ease…

  • Discover how ordinary tasks practiced consistently, produce EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS!

  • Improve your relationships with close family and friends by organizing your time more effectively so that you can spend quality time with the people that matter…

  • Develop practical routines and rituals that you can follow, which will guarantee improved performance in whichever field you’re targeting…

  • Measure and monitor your progress on a daily basis to ensure long-term success…

  • Improve your health, by reducing your stress…

  • Drastically improve the quality of your life…

  • And much, much more!

The fact is, keeping up with the ever-increasing demands of life is getting tougher by the day. With pressures at work and responsibilities at home, it can be incredibly difficult to find enough time to get everything done, and still have some left over for YOU!

A simple Work-Life Balance seems to be a thing of the past nowadays. We’re constantly trying to balance our time between all areas of our lives – health, finance, relationships, emotions, personal development, life management, and it seems like there just aren’t enough hours in the day!

But the truth is, there are…

You just need to manage your time, and your life, more effectively in order to make the most of each day, maximize your time and get the most out of life… And luckily for you, what I’ve got for you today has been designed to help you do EXACTLY THAT!

The software tool that I’m making available to you today is currently being used by people all over the world, helping them to reach their goals, manage their time more efficiently and improve their lives.

What Our Customers are Saying…

Check out what people are saying about Daily Life Tracker and why they love it so much.

  • “I’ve been using this software for three months now, and I just want to say a big thank you for developing such an insightful product that makes a real difference to those of us who really want to explore what we are capable of. One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced over the years is maintaining focus on what is most important. Your software not only reminds me of that, it also presents me with the “path“ I need to follow across all aspects of my life on a daily basis. Every so often you come across something that makes a real difference in your life. This is most definitely one of them! Thanks again.”

    Richard Bartlett, Business Consultant

Take Back Control of Your Life!

No matter how busy you are, or how out of control your life seems to be, by utilizing this software you’ll finally be able to take back control of your life, manage your time more efficiently, and start achieving things that you never even thought possible…


And what’s more, realizing your full potential doesn’t require huge amounts of effort, money or a psychology degree. It simply requires you to take small, consistent actions over time, and a system that ensures you carry them out!


And don’t forget, ANYONE can do it…


Anyone can use this software to achieve their goals, maximize their productivity and improve their lives. Even if you are the world’s worst at putting things off, if you have the rights tools at your disposal, you’ll be able to get things done and achieve the results you’ve always believed you’re capable of, in super-quick time!

NO MORE Stress… NO MORE Chaos… NO MORE Disorganization… Now You’ll Have A Perfectly Mapped-Out Road To Success, And All The Tools You Need To Get You There!

So what exactly is this piece of software, and how has it been able to transform the lives of so many people, within such a short space of time?

Well, I’ll reveal exactly what it is in just a moment, but before I do, I’d first like to tell you a little bit about myself, because I think it’s important that you know who I am, and why I want to help you to take control of your life and reach your full potential, both now and for many years to come. So here goes…

Carl Pate

Hi, I’m Carl Pate.

I’m the creator of the software package that’s quite literally going to change your life…

So how did it come about?

Well, to be perfectly honest, this software was never designed as a commercial venture. Instead it was created out of my own need to take control of my life, manage my time more efficiently, and eradicate many bad habits that were blocking my path to a happier, more successful life.

You see, my busy work and family responsibilities meant that I was always rushed off my feet, being dragged this way and that, and unable to do the things that I really NEEDED to do.

The most important things in life… my children, my goals, my dreams, and the tasks that needed to GET DONE were constantly being put back, or simply ignored.

Life roared past, one day to the next, and I realized that I just wasn’t being anywhere near as productive as I should have been. In essence, I was wasting the most valuable commodity in life… TIME!

You see, when you spend, lose or waste money, you can always get more. But when you do this with time, it’s gone – FOREVER!

And so I decided to do something about it…

I spent a huge amount of money attending expensive workshops and seminars in an attempt to help me manage my time and my life more effectively, so that I’d have a much better chance of achieving my goals and reaching my full potential in life.

However, what I found was that although the seminars and products were very good, they contained little long-term value. What I mean by this is that I’d be hugely excited and enthusiastic about the incredible opportunities for change and personal development that lay in front of me DURING the event, but I’d often let things get in the way of my plans as soon as I returned home.

In essence…

My Ambition And Willingness To TAKE ACTION Would Gradually Disappear Under The Weight Of Everyday LIFE!

You see, without receiving the proper training and direction at home, I was gradually being sucked back into my traditional routines and bad habits – the very things that I was desperately trying to escape from – and conquer!

In fact, I wasted a huge amount of time and money attending numerous seminars over the course of many years, only to fall back into the same traps soon after I returned home.

I realized that although the lessons were great, without the follow-through after the event, I soon became lost, and inevitably slipped back into my old ways. And by failing to build those lessons into my life, I was essentially throwing away all of the time spent in seminar rooms, and a whole lot of money!

 “There must be a better way to achieve long-term success”, I thought.

And so I scoured the internet looking for tools to help me…

But there was nothing.

And that’s when I decided to create that tool for myself – first in a spreadsheet, and then in a database. And as I started to use it, I started to get results – big results in fact!

I lost 35 pounds in weight, stopped drinking alcohol (no mean feat baring in mind that one of my friends who worked for a brewery told me that I used to drink more than anyone else he knew!), ran 3 ½ marathons over a 12 month period, became more productive in my job, significantly improved my relationship with both my wife and my children, and completely changed my outlook on life…

When my friends and work colleagues noticed the positive changes that were going on in my life, I started to show them what I was using to do it…

To which there was generally only one response…


And that encouraged me to start thinking about offering it to other people who could use it to improve their lives, so I set about improving the software and developing it even further, so that it would be as effective, intuitive and easy-to-use as possible.

And today, I’m incredibly proud to say that I’ve done it!



The #1 Time & Life Management Software For the 21st Century…

The Daily Life Tracker is a brand-new, completely innovative piece of life and time management software, designed to help you regain control of your life by focusing your attention on what is IMPORTANT to YOU, rather than what is URGENT for someone else.

The software will allow you to structure the activities within your life to create a perfect balance across all of the different areas, while it also measures and monitors your progress on a daily basis, providing instant visual feedback as you go, so that you know which areas you need to focus most attention on.

So whether you’re a small business owner, a professional or a parent, Daily Life Tracker will give you everything you need to organize and manage your life more efficiently, document your progress, and provide you with all the tools you need to get the most out of life, each and every day!

Here are just a few ways in which Daily Life Tracker will benefit you…

(And, with the integrated set-up wizard, video tutorials and templates, you can be up and running in just 5 minutes!)

Easy Framework

Allows you to create an easy-to-follow framework that will help you to take control of your life and instantly spot where you can improve…

Create Structure

Which will help you to eliminate your bad habits and create new, empowering ones (studies show we run 90% on autopilot, so let’s get that working FOR you, rather than against you!)

Monitor and Measure

Track your progress and goals on a daily basis to ensure that you continue your development and achieve them, FASTER!


Increases your productivity so that you consistently get MORE things done…

Gain Focus

Helps you to feel more focused and in command of your tasks and projects…

Daily Feedback

Provides instant, visually impactful feedback on your daily progress, so that you can easily spot the areas of your life that you need to focus on…

Find Balance
    Enables you to find the perfect balance across all areas of your life – health, finance, relationships, emotions, personal development, life management…

Focus on the important things

Focuses your attention on what is important to YOU, rather than what’s urgent to someone else…

Rituals and Routines

Develops rituals and routines that you can follow, which will guarantee positive and long-term results…

Invest in you

Converts money that you spend on personal development and self growth programs into money that is INVESTED in you...

Improve your Relationships

Helping you to manage your time more efficiently, allowing you to set aside time to spend with your loved ones…

Create Results

Creates extraordinary results by enabling you to consistently apply simple and ordinary activities…

What Our Customers are Saying…

Check out what people are saying about Daily Life Tracker and why they love it so much.

  • “The reason Daily Life Tracker can benefit everybody is that the whole principle of the system is one of continuous improvement.  There’s no limitation in terms of how you can use the system. Anyone looking to move their life forward can use the system to highlight the areas where they need to refocus. I use it mainly for relationship management. My partner and I both work long hours and we spend a lot of time apart, so we use it to make sure that we have some set routines to ensure that we maximize the time that we share together as a couple.”

    Steve Chesterman, IT Manager

Daily Life Tracker Will Effortlessly Take You From Where You Are Now, To Where You Want To Be

And it’s so effective, it’s been personally endorsed by none other than Joseph McClendon III.

Who is Joseph McLendon III?

Joseph McClendon III is a world-renowned peak performance coach and motivational speaker. He’s the #1 Master Trainer for the Tony Robbins companies and has shared the stage with Tony at his signature Unleash the Power Within event for many years. During this time, Joseph has worked with many top athletes, actors and celebrities, helping them to reach their goals, manage their time more efficiently and improve their lives.


Click the video to hear what Joseph had to say about the Daily Life Tracker, and then listen to what some of our current customers are saying about the software…

Please Note: Joseph has not received any kind of payment for this video testimonial. He did it because he believes in the software and the system, and has personally helped me to develop it into the fully-functional, life-changing tool it is today.

So then, what will you receive when you order the Daily Life Tracker?


1. Access to Your VERY OWN Daily Life Tracker Software Tool!

As soon as you place your order, you’ll receive instant access to the very best time and life management software tool available ANYWHERE in the world – fully endorsed, remember, by Joseph McClendon III – one of the world’s leading peak performance coaches!

Split into 6 core development categories; emotional mastery, physical mastery and vitality, financial mastery, life management, personal development, and relationship mastery, you’ll be able to get started on the road to a better, happier, more fulfilling life immediately!

With functions such as long-term tracking, measuring and monitoring, reporting, pattern recognition, visual impact imagery, Daily Life Tracker contains everything you need to get the most out of life, each and every day, and become the person you’ve always wanted to be!


2. Manage EVERYTHING that you have to do in the most EFFICIENT way – and GET IT DONE!

You will also receive our world class To-Do List which has been designed to help you to get things done in the most effective way possible.

Whatever you are doing you need to go in with a PLAN. You need to be flexible and willing to change your plans when new stuff comes at you in the day, but you MUST start out with a plan. With Daily Life Tracker the To-Do List is designed so that you can view all of your To-Do Lists in multiple ways to maximise your productivity and efficiency.

With the Daily Life Tracker To-Do List you will get more done and move further and faster than you ever thought possible.


3. Comprehensive, Step-By-Step Video Tutorials & Set-Up Wizard

Although the Daily Life Tracker is easy to set-up and use, it’s always handy to have some step-by-step instructions to follow! As a result, I’ve personally recorded a series of video tutorials that will walk you through the program every step of the way.

As well as the video tutorials, you’ll also receive access to the built-in set-up wizard, which will help you to get started quickly and easily by guiding you (on-screen) through a step-by-step process for devising your very own, personal Daily Life Tracker.

And then once you’re set up and ready-to-go, all you need to do is…

Follow 5 Simple Steps To Manage Your Time More Effectively, Explode Your Productivity, Reach Your Goals FASTER, And Take Control Of Your Life, Once And For All!

  • Identify the 5 or 6 areas of your life that you wish to take control of, manage more effectively, and achieve improved results for…
  • Create an ACTION PLAN of activities that will support you in each of these areas…
  • Select your most inspiring imagery that will instantly engage your emotions on demand, and guarantee success!
  • Record your successes EVERY DAY and get instant feedback that will drive you to greater and greater heights…
  • Measure and monitor your progress on a daily basis, so you’ll be able to recognize the patterns that have been slowing you down and stopping you from achieving your full potential…

Once you’ve set this system up and started using it on a daily basis, you’ll start to see how incredibly easy it really is to drastically improve every aspect of your life, and engage in a cycle of continuous improvement.


And it doesn’t matter whether you’ve been using time and life management programs for years, or you’re a complete beginner… ANYONE can adopt these techniques and take their lives to the next level and beyond, regardless of where they’re starting from.

The fact is, with a clear, well-balanced plan, a system to check your progress every day, and a super-fast visually impactful feedback loop, anyone can go from where they are now, to where they want to be – in super-fast time!

What Our Customers are Saying…

Check out what people are saying about Daily Life Tracker and why they love it so much.

  • When we are developing our business, writing a book and coming up with new programs, setting time aside for all of these tasks is always difficult, but a few minutes a day encouraged by Daily Life Tracker allows us to keep ourselves on target.

    Louise Trevatt, Life Coach

“Ok Carl, this software sounds amazing, but for something this good, I’m going to have to shell out a lot of money, right?”

Sure, I can see how you might think that…

After all, the information contained within this product package is as powerful and life-changing as it gets. It’s the tool you’ve been waiting for your ENTIRE LIFE!

This software will give you everything you need to…

Take control of your life right now, and maximize what you get out of it, each and EVERY DAY

Eliminate all of the bad habits that are blocking your progress towards a better, more successful you, and help you forge positive, empowering habits instead…

INSTANTLY reduce the chaos in your life and the stress that you feel, by giving you back control over what you do and when you do it…

Supercharge your dreams and goals, and realize any one of them, FASTER!

Become more efficient in your work and personal life, and gain extra time that you can use to actually ENJOY LIFE!

Save huge amounts of money on self-help and personal development DVDs, books and seminars, by investing in your very own personal piece of software that you can use every day, from the comfort of your own home…

Explode your vitality and boost your health by significantly reducing the #1 reason for most illnesses – STRESS!

So then, how much would you pay for a tool that does all that – and more?!

I think it’s fair to say that the individual tools contained within this software have the power to transform you as a person, and change your life COMPLETELY… After all, this software is currently doing exactly that for people all over the world who’ve already managed to get their hands on the Daily Life Tracker test product…

So tell me, how much WOULD you pay for a structured and measurable system that can help you get the most out of your life and unleash your true potential?

How about $3,000? Is that too much for something that has the power to transform you and your life? I say $3,000 because I recently heard about one of those life management gurus who was charging that to attend one of his seminars, and it was only a weekend event.

As soon as the event was over, the attendees would be left on their own, with little to no follow-up or support to ensure that they put the lessons into practice… Sure, the event may have been fantastic, and everything that those people were looking for … but $3,000?!

I think you’ll agree that’s pretty steep!

So how about $2,000 to gain access to this life-changing system?

NO! I’m not going to charge that either. And that’s because I genuinely want to help you. I know EXACTLY what you’re feeling right now, and EXACTLY why you’re here. I’ve been there, remember!

I know what it feels like to live a chaotic, disorganized life, to be constantly stressed-out and forever wishing for more time to get the important things done in life. I know what it feels like to be constantly aware that I’m not fulfilling my potential, wasting time that could be spent on positive, life-affirming tasks, and generally failing to get the most out of life…

Sure, that may have been many years ago now, before I began to develop this software and started to realize my true potential, but I still remember it well!

And if someone had told me back then that I’d have to pay $3,000, $2,000 or even $1,000 to get my hands on these incredible tools, I wouldn’t have been able to do it. I wouldn’t have been able to afford that kind of money.

So I’m not going to ask for ANYTHING like that much.

In fact, in order to keep the price down to an absolute minimum, and to make sure that you are ALWAYS kept up to date with our most cutting edge advances in our technology, I am going to make the system available on a MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION of…..

JUST $19.99 per month!

That’s right, you can get all of this for the measly sum of just 66c per day.

Think about just how little that actually is… I mean, if you went to a workshop or seminar, you’d be looking at thousands, and even if you bought a handful of books and DVDs to give you the help you needed, you’d STILL be paying way more than this!

But what you’ve got right here, RIGHT NOW, sitting in front of you… is your very own Personal Digital Coaching System.   A time and life management tool, that you’ll be able to access whenever you want, enabling you to unlock your full potential, realize your goals faster than you could ever imagine and become everything you’ve always wanted to be!


If you are really ready to commit yourself to IMPROVING YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW I am willing to drop the price even lower. In fact, I am going to cut this ridiculously low price in HALF if you will take out an ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION. That right…..

JUST $149 per year!

That is ONLY 41c per day!

It really is up to you…

Save Thousands On Personal Development Seminars, DVDs And Books, By Investing In The VERY BEST Life Management Tool On The Market… That You Can Use EVERY DAY From The Comfort Of Your Own Home!

JUST $19.99 per month!

JUST $149 per year!

But wait, we’re not finished yet!

I’m also going to send you THREE COMPLETELY FREE BONUSES, just for trying out the Daily Life Tracker software program…


FREE BONUS #1 – Unique Diet Tracking System!

Do you want to lose weight and get in shape FAST?

Then give yourself the best possible chance of success by tracking everything that passes your lips…

Diets don’t work! Losing weight and keeping it off in the long-term is all about lifestyle. And one of the most powerful ways of controlling your food choices and changing your lifestyle is to record everything that passes your lips…

You see, to stop a habit in its tracks, you have to interrupt it.  The mere act of measuring and recording your food choices interrupts the patterns that you have created within your life.

If you can spot a great eating pattern and build from it, and at the same time recognize a bad pattern and destroy it on the spot, then you WILL lose weight, and the Diet Tracking System will give you exactly what you need to do it. With our unique color-coded system, you not only record what you’re putting into your body, but you also have to consciously decide whether it’s good or bad! And you can track your calorie intake, along with the amount of carbs, fats and proteins that you are taking in each day.

This incredibly powerful, life-shaping tool has now been fully integrated into the Daily Life Tracker system as a special bonus…

It will help you spot your good and bad behavior, recognize the patterns that have been preventing you from reaching your ideal weight, and DEFEAT them once and for all!


FREE BONUS #2 – Body Tracker

When you start on a weight loss program, you should always seek proper medical advice and supervision, and no system will be an adequate substitute for this. However, one thing is clear. It is never just about the weight. You should always take multiple measurements. Your weight may not fall this week, but you may be starting to tone up. So measuring your waist, hips, arms, legs etc., as well as your weight, gives you more to focus on and more ways to see your progress. Not only this, but you should also measure your fitness levels on a regular basis, after all, this is more important than any other measurement.

The Body Tracker tool contained within Daily Life Tracker enables you to measure all of these things and more, and keep track of them over time. You will be able to watch your body measurements move towards your ideal state, as well as using our automated V02Max calculation to track how your fitness levels are progressing.

And this fantastic tool comes COMPLETELY FREE with your copy of the Daily Life Tracker!


FREE BONUS #3 – Daily Life Tracker Journal

Entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker Jim Rohn once said; “If your life’s worth living, it’s worth recording”, and he definitely wasn’t wrong about that.

The fact is, words can have a magical and mystical effect, and when you go deep into your own mind to examine your life, putting it into a journal can have a profound impact upon how you look at the world. Not only that but your journal entries can be recorded against all of the different categories of your life for easier reference and to help you to better spot the patterns in the things that you do.

If you want to develop as a person and make continual improvements in your life, then it’s no good to simply rely on your memory. Instead, bring your experiences to life and immortalize them inside the Daily Life Tracker Journal, which you’ll receive with the rest of the system if you sign up today.

Now you’ll be able to super-charge the benefits that you gain from the software by recognizing the patterns that shape your behavior and documenting them for future use. Only by doing this will you be able to guarantee future growth, so take a lesson from Jim Rohn, and use your experiences of today to create a better tomorrow…

So How’s that for an Awesome Product Package?

Not only will you be getting my incredible Daily Life Tracker software, video tutorials and set-up wizard to help you get started straight away, you’re also going to be given access to my completely unique and revolutionary diet tracking system, as well as body tracker and journal tools!

So when it comes to managing your time more efficiently, boosting your productivity, improving your health, enhancing your relationships, reducing your stress, and generally taking back control of your life, there’s absolutely NO WAY you can fail!

But I haven’t finished giving yet…

And that’s because I’m so confident in this software and its potential to transform your life for the better, that I’m also going to throw in the following…


My 30-Day, 100% Risk-Free,

Money-Back Guarantee!

Yep, that’s right! You can take a full 30 days to try out the Daily Life Tracker software for yourself. Simply log on, and then take it for a full 30 DAY test drive!

If for any reason within those 30 days you aren’t totally satisfied, I’ll return every penny paid, no questions asked, and no quibbles.

The fact is, I’m so proud of this product and the amazing life-changing potential that it holds for you, that I’m going to take on ALL of the risk.

I have absolutely no desire to take your money if you’re not completely, 100% satisfied with your purchase. My goal with the Daily Life Tracker is to help enhance the lives of all the people who use it, in the same way that it’s enhanced my own life in the last few years. So even if it’s the 23rd hour of the 30th day when you decide it’s not for you, just send me an email and I’ll give you a full, no questions asked refund.


What Our Customers are Saying…

Check out what people are saying about Daily Life Tracker and why they love it so much.

  • Easy to set up, Daily Life Tracker is a great tool for keeping you on track and making sure that you follow through with your promises.  By consistently recording measurements, it is surprising how much you have done by the end of the week. This then spurs you on to do even more the following week. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to improve any aspect of their life that they feel they are just not having time for. This product really helps you to focus and to make sure that those tasks that you keep putting off are part of your daily schedule.

    James Love

So here’s a quick reminder of everything you’ll be getting if you sign up today…

Daily Life Tracker Software

Your own version of Daily Life Tracker Software

Setup Wizard

Amazingly simple to use setup wizard


Comprehensive, step-by-step workbook

Bonus : Diet Tracking System

Diet Tracking System to help you lose weight and get in shape fast.

Bonus : Body Tracker

Monitoring your progress for best results.

Daily Life Tracker Journal

Recording to have a profound impact how you look at the world.

This is the Best Opportunity You’re Ever Going to Get to…

  • Reach your true potential and get more out of your life, each and every day
  • Not only enjoy a better work-life balance, but a healthier balance to the whole of your life, that benefits YOU and your family!
  • Increase your productivity and efficiency at work and home…
  • Supercharge your dreams and goals, so that you can achieve each and every one of them, FASTER!
  • Destroy the bad habits that are blocking your progress, and start creating new, positive and empowering ones instead!
  • Organize and manage your days and weeks more effectively, so that you have more FREE TIME to spend doing the things you really love…
  • Manage your workload and responsibilities with ease…
  • Improve your relationships with your loved ones by freeing up time to spend with them on a regular basis…
  • Boost your health by INSTANTLY reducing the chaos in your life and the stress that you feel because of it…
  • Save massive amounts of money on self-help and personal development seminars, books and DVDs, by investing in your own personal piece of life-changing software that’s yours to keep, FOREVER!
  • Maximize what you get out of each and every day, and significantly improve the quality of your life…

All for the ridiculously low price of

JUST $19.99 per month!


JUST $149 per year!

So then, have you made your decision yet?

I thought so…

YES CARL! Send Me Access To This Incredible Software Package RIGHT NOW!”

Sign Up For Your Daily Life Tracker Package TODAY

JUST $19.99 per month!


JUST $149 per year!

So this is it…

This is the moment when you need to decide whether you’re happy to continue with your life as it is – one full of chaos, disorganization and unfulfilled promise. OR, you can decide to grab this opportunity to take control of your life, achieve your goals, take the maximum out of every single day that you’re on this earth, and finally realize your true potential…

You’ll never be able to do this without a system in place that’s capable of organizing your life, and tracking, monitoring and documenting your progress, so that you can instantly spot the patterns that are preventing you from achieving what you’re capable of, and then break them!

After all…

What Gets Measured, Gets Done!

I mean, how can you EVER make improvements in your life unless you know how you’re doing? How can you be sure that you’ve made progress unless you have a method of measuring where you were, where you are now, and where you want to be?

As Warren Buffett said, “If you can’t read the scoreboard, you don’t know the score. If you don’t know the score, you can’t tell the winners from the losers.”

Well the Daily Life Tracker does it, and does it better than anything else on the market…

This is your chance to finally take control of your life, starting today!

Don’t miss out…

JUST $19.99 per month!


JUST $149 per year!

Wishing you a spectacular life!


CEO, Inspire A Life Ltd.

P.S. Remember, this software has been developed over the course of many years, and has been fully endorsed by Joseph McClendon III, the #1 Master Trainer for the Tony Robbins companies and one of the most acclaimed peak performance coaches in the world!

P.P.S. You may still be a little sceptical about all that you’ve just read and you may also have some questions that I have been unable to answer. That’s totally understandable. Please remember that you’re fully backed by my 30 DAY RISK-FREE Guarantee…

You risk absolutely nothing

JUST $19.99 per month!


JUST $149 per year!