Cookies are small files that are saved on your computer by your web-browser that allows websites to save, and then recall, bits of information which can be used again later.  Without them, when you leave a page or website, any information that might be useful on the next page (such as remembering you are logged into a site), or when you return to the site later could be lost.

Here are a couple of helpful links to further explain what cookies are:

BBC Webwise Cookies Information Page

Logging You In and Out

In order to know you are registered and a currently active Daily Life Tracker user we use cookies to store a few bits of information about your current session on our website.  This allows us to recognise you as you move from page to page or function to function without needing to ask you to log in again every time you need to do something. The information we store in the cookies is specific only to the Daily Life Tracker site and allows us to make the Daily Life Tracker website and the Daily Life Tracker online application tool work for you.  Almost every site on the web where you log in and remain logged in, such as a shopping or social media site, works this way.

Google Analytics

LIke a lot of companies on the web we like to know which pages of our website and our online application tool get used, ignored or people find engaging or otherwise.  That way we can improve the quality of our website and the Daily Life Tracker application tool based on this knowledge.  This helps us to make things better for you.  The information we gain from using Google Analytics does not tell us who you are, or anything about you personally other than what you looked at whilst you were here, for how long, perhaps what web-browser you are using,  and that sort of thing.  This information is not shared across domains.

Any cookies whose name begins with "__ut..." will be cookies used by Google Analytics. Find out more details about the specific cookies used by Google Analytics.

Please read the google privacy statement for more information. 

Other Bits And Bobs

You may also find a cookie called  "PHPSESSID". This is used by this site to function correctly and is lost (expires) on closing the browser.  It stores no personal information about you.

We also save a little cookie when you click the "ok" option in the cookie warning box that appears at the bottom of the site.  If that cookie is found then we hide the box - that is all it is used for.