The Science

The Daily Life Tracker is a program which has been developed with the expert knowledge of some of the world’s expert life coaches. In partnership with Inspire a Life, the program has been designed to be as unique as you are; ensuring that whatever goal in life you wish to achieve can be reached through a mix of careful management and positive encouragement.

The Daily Life Tracker has been designed specifically so that the little changes you make to aspects of your life can be managed, tracked and analysed on a day-by-day basis.

The reason for this is one of cause and effect; one change you make can affect a number of different – and often seemingly unrelated! – Areas of your life. With Daily Life Tracker, you can see the causes behind changes in your life and adjust what you do accordingly.

It is often the case that people will not realise that an action in one part of their life (such as eating junk food) will affect other areas either positively or negatively. By tracking what you do, how you feel and the resulting outcome, you can identify precisely what areas you need to improve to get the most out of your life.