Frequently Asked Questions

Q). How can the Daily Life Tracker help me improve my life?

A). The Daily Life Tracker is a powerful life management tool that can allow you to focus on areas of your life that need improvement and create, manage and analyse the results.

Q). How has the Daily Life Tracker been developed?

A). The Daily Life Tracker tool has been developed over the course of a number of years with the input of recognised life coaches and self-improvement experts.

Q). Why would this be useful to me?

A).  When it comes to setting goals in life; be it large or small, it is often the case that people will set out with the best intentions (be it to lose weight, give up smoking or save money) but not follow them through.  By allowing you to track, manage and analyse the changes you want to make in your life, you can see the difference your life changes make quickly and easily!

Q). Are the limits to how many changes I can make?

A). No; the Daily Life Tracker is infinitely adjustable so you can make as many, or as little changes to your life as you like.

Q). Will any data I enter be secure?

A).  The issue of personal data being safe and secure is of paramount importance to us.  You can rest assured that any personal data you enter is secure and is not shared in any way