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The Order of Things

Blog Post by Carl Pate I recently wrote a blog called What I Learned from 365 Consecutive Days of Exercise!  There were many powerful lessons that I learned, but the most important of all was the power of consistency.  A consistent approach to simple actions will produce spectacular results. One of the biggest mistakes that people […]

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Life Balance is an Art, not a Science!

Blog Post by Carl Pate Gaining Balance in your life is an Art, not a Science.  If your health is good, you are not focusing on your kids….  If your family life is good, your business is suffering….  If your business is on the up, you may be stressed out of your mind.  These are […]

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Welcome to Daily Life Tracker Blog

Daily Life Tracker has been designed with you in mind. Its sole purpose is to help you set attainable, realistic goals and then manage and track them day-by-day. By doing this, you’ll be able to see your progress and also track the changes in your life and how changes affect you from day-to-day. Daily Life […]

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